Sexy Shiny Metallic Mermaid Zentai Suit Halloween Fairy Tale Costume Halloween

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By Hannah - August 18,2011

This dark mermaid suit is very sexy. You need to try it on and see for yourself. It is the perfect costume for my play. In fact, milano.com is THE place to come to for costumes and similar assorted things. Coming back to this suit, the black can be quite alarming when 5 people on stage are wearing. The way light bounces off of its surface is spectacular and creates this very spooky feeling. It is also scary the way the suit covers the persons face and all 5 faces are blank without any features. Its the best costume that I could\'ve had the opportunity to buy for the occasion. I am impressed with just this 1 suit, imagine with the others.


By steve - September 18,2009

The best thing ever


By darkyeros - April 10,2012

I was wondering if it's swimmeable, is it?

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