Purple Shiny Metallic Bodysuit with Back Zipper Halloween Costume Cosplay Halloween

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By john - April 4,2011

id give 10 starts ;) I love it, very tight and shiny ;) Just one question: Why does it say to keep away from water


By Nicolle - June 1,2011

will i get this suit if i order today before the 11th of June?


By Wynona - August 18,2011

One of the best things about zentai suits is their mono color. They are your best friend when it comes to putting up shows or pole dancing in parties. You might want to be careful with the material you buy because it can stretch out irreparably. Good suits don\'t do that. But all suits no matter, good quality or bad, need to be kept away from water, as it will distort the suit beyond recognition. I can tell from experience. Also, you can shine a different colored light on it and the suit will change color accordingly. Its a useful trick I learnt and thats the best you can get out of these things seeing as how they are so expensive. It is always wise to know something about the seller.

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