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    L****p Japão
    This dress could not have been more perfect for our elopement nuptials. It is sassy, classy and sexy at the same time. And the details on this thing are so intricate and beautiful! I have gotten and am still receiving SO many compliments on this dress! The dress has very good stretch, so it should work if you’re a bit bigger than I am. This dress is so easy as well as beautiful. I just pulled it on without even unzipping it, although I was careful about the sleeves. I didn’t want the ordeal of stretching and struggling to get the zipper up, mainly because my arms are a bit big, and I didn’t want to risk tearing it while stretching. I did use a shaper underneath becasuse of my figure. So if a shaper is used, you have to make sure it fits your body almost perfectly so that it doesn’t make the dress look misshapen.I had bought three other expensive dresses for when we were planning a big wedding, and I had actually chosen this one as a reception dress. Before we canceled the big wedding, I was seriously considering this as my main ceremony dress because I loved it that much. I will STILL wear this as my reception dress when we have that. I’ll probably post more pics lol. This was my dream dress, I Would recommend to anyone, whether on a budget or not. I can’t wait to wear this dress again at our reception, and it’s even budget-friendly enough to buy another one if the sidewalk dirt doesn’t come out. Forgot to mention, my husband LOVED me in this dress too, which meant a lot to me. Not a single complaint. Absolutely love it!
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    f****o Japão
    I was waiting to review this dress so that I could post a pic of me wearing it in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, trip was cancelled. Purchased dress for our vow renewal. First dress arrived correct length, but with short sleeves. Second one had long sleeves but was far too long for me. Then I contacted company. They went out of their way to assure that end the end I was given the correct dress as shown in the picture. They went above and beyond the call to work with me on solving the problem! This dress is lovely. Truly lovely. As you see in pics posted by others, EVERY body type looks amazing in this dress! It has a soft weight to it, stretches comfortably in all the right places, and just feels right for a festive occasion. I did buy a sparkly fake diamond belt to go with it. I would recommend doing that if you are looking to jazz up your look. If you are thinking about getting this it!! You will not be disappointed. ❤️
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