Leopard Lycra Spandex Suit Halloween Animal Bodysuit Costume Cosplay Halloween

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By evanssteven - November 8,2012

Awesome suit


By charles - November 14,2012

Awesome suit, great for working out in,will make you sweat,or wear under clothes in winter to keep you warm,an it will, its LYCRA/SPANDEX but with a low percentage number of spandex, maybe max 5% so YOU will wanna get it Tailored by Milanoo because width wise it will stretch some but length wise very little,I did my own,hands n feet removal. I have other full catsuits in solid colors but this is just Super Sexy had to get one.Bought one loved it girlfriend loved it.Bought two more. First order I used the FAST delivery, 4 days but had to pay duty. Second order I used SLOW delivery to see what would happen,waited 7 days an I paid no duty,I saved $25. And for the price wow what a deal and would I suggest buying !!!YES!!!


By KAYA - December 5,2010

Awesome zentai suit, first time buying one, wore it for halloween and everybody thought it was hot!! Its so confy and fit perfectly!!!!

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