Halloween Green Shiny Metallic Unisex Zentai Suit Halloween

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By Ethel - August 19,2011

Hallooween is around the corner and I want to wear something different this time. I\'ve been wearing this old and tattered witch costume that my Mom made for me 32 years ago. She made it so that it would still 3 years from then. And here I am trying to escape it. It was a good costume but I want something a little out of the ordinary this year to scare my friends so I started browsing. And here I am looking at this killer golden (golden!) zentai suit! Its flashy, its different and if I wear it with the head piece it\'ll be scary for sure! I\'m going to have a blast freaking people out this year. And it won\'t even cost me that much! This is THE place to get costumes from. Yay!

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