Halloween Gold Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit Halloween

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By Tina - March 17,2010

I love it.It fits me perfect.


By Maxwell - October 19,2010

Hello! I wanted to give an idea of what is hot right now here in the U.S. Ever heard of \"Pedo Bear\" You guys should work on a costume/cosplay, I heard the only cosplay is selling for 175 $ and it is only a jacket with a hoodie, you guys could maybe work on a full suit. Here\'s the site of the hoodie, maybe you can get ideas, lots of people want it, and if they find out this site does this costume it\'ll get much more costumers. http://knucklesunited.com/2010/01/the-pedobear-hoodie-cost-175-guarantees-instant-awesomeness/ Hope this helps!


By Christy - August 18,2011

I have come to own many zentai suits in the past few years but none of them are gold in color. That\'s what makes this zentai suit so special. I can\' wait to own it. It positively glitters and I heard the fabric used in zentai suits that milanoo.com sells are of superior quality. I enjoy wearing tight clothing and its even better if the clothes are shiny. I\'m sure I am going to have a lot of sun wearing this suit, not only to parties and shows, but on a daily basis as well whenever I can. I\'ll just remove the head piece and wear some nice heels that go along with it. Hope my delivery gets here on time. Thanks Milanoo!

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