Halloween Flesh Color Zentai Suit With Opened Eyes Unisex Lycra Spandex Bodysuit Morphsuits Halloween

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By Ariel - July 24,2012

This is a very simple looking costume but let me warn you it is a very powerful piece of clothing. Haha i don’t mean to scare but this costume is so seductive that i was also mesmerized by this costume. i am a dancer in a performance troupe and we did a show with all the dancers in these almost see through suits with accessories on them . the crowd just went wild seeing us i these suits. The suits are a bit sheer so they allow people to have a little peek into what’s inside. The lycra is really comfortable so wearing it is not a problem at all.


By Jonny - March 19,2015

I love my new suit so much that I am posting this review with my suit on! The open eyeholes make it a lot easier for me to see through the mask of the suit versus standard zentai suits that don't have the eyeholes. Most of my suits are standard zentai that only cover up the entire body, including the eyes, which only distort a person's vision, making it difficult for the wearer to see clearly.


By Lulu - July 26,2011

I bought two of this kind for my husband and I. I hope it will bring me unexpected effect.

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