Halloween Deep Blue Latex Zentai Suit Shiny Unisex Full Bodysuit Halloween

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By Boytoy Trainer - April 21,2010

I surpised my new costume with long-sleeved footed zentai. What I like most, is that the tight, slick, shiny fit really shows off his sexy bod and leaves very little to the imagination. Buy one for your beau, girls, and I am sure you won\'t regret it!


By pheels - May 24,2010

Great Suit! Looks very sharp and looks great for the camera! **Problems: 1) Sizing: I preface this by saying that these were our first suits, and we may have gotten the sizing a little off for the fabric. This fabric is less forgiving than the classic lycra in that it is not as stretchable. We got this and a classic lycra spiderman suit with the exact same size specifications. This one was so tight it hurt while wearing it (especially around the ears and over the head). The other suit was so perfect, we could wear it to parties and stay in it for hours. This one could not be worn to parties because we would be in pain. 2) Material: The material was starting to wear off at the places that made contact with a surface. Overall: I highly recommend this suit, but advise adding a few centimeters in custom sizing, especially in the height, foot size, and head size. Compliments to the seamstress team who puts these suits together. You have an amazing production team at Milanoo of talented people and I will definitely be ordering from you again as soon as I have it in my budget. Please pass along my praise to your wonderful staff who cut and stitch fabric. Sincerely, pheels


By jack - October 14,2010

love the blouse and it is good for sales.

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