Cotton Black Lolita Blouse And Blue Lolita Skirt Outfit

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By Regina - December 29,2011

The all black dress is very good for occasions with a dress code or something of that sort, though I really do not think that this is very apt for other occasions as the dress does seem a little too morbid for such instances. The fabric is really good and the texture of the cloth is also very fine. The way the shirt tapers down along the length of the body is all very nice though I would have preferred if it tapered down a little more as it would add to the feminine touch which to this dress here.


By jill - August 24,2012

This costume is totally amazing. I have a liking for costumes and clothes that come with corsets and skirts have either as part of the design so that was one of the first things i noticed about this costume. the other thing was that i was out looking for a costume to wear that looked like it could pass off as one from the adams’ family cartoon and no one really stocks them. This dress has a very dark, Goth look which is why i decided to give it a shot with this. i have this costume now and it totally is all that i was expecting it to be. The blouse and skirt is pretty comfortable and the empire waistline is also a nice old school touch.


By MissCockatoo - April 16,2013

This is the second outfit I bought and even if the shipping took a little long I was really happy to see, that my items were not a "milanoo nightmare". The blouse is adorable, the fabric is not cheap, maybe not the best you can find on this planet, but normal, like an ordinary blouse, just with nice lace and frills, which are of the same normal quality. The skirt is really nice but for the lolitas there is a really poofy petticoat needed for a proper silhouette, because the skirt is a little thin itself. The fabric of the skirt seems a little different from the fabric of the blouse, which is not visible unless you take a really close look. It is not of cheaper quality but it is a little more thin. The outfit makes a nice lolita styled coordination (combined with a proper petticoat) and I wear it to many places, because it looks lovely and a little less dark combined with some white or red highlights (like a white necklace or something with red roses). Four stars because the shipping took quite long. Five stars for the outfit.

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