Classic Grey Zentai Suit Halloween Lycra Spandex Full Bodysuit Morphsuits Halloween

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By Jocelyn - August 15,2011

The suit and the color is just amazing. I love the subtle sheen it has. I usually don\'t buy zentai suits. I\'m not even sure where people actually wear them except for costume parties. But recently I joined this acrobat classes and they asked me to get a zentai suit. They said I can choose any color I want provided it was a zentai. Gray always held my interest. When I saw this one, it seemed to be it. But I don\'t want the head to be covered. Is it possible to have the thing without it? Also, I don\'t want the feet and hands to be covered too. But the main priority is the head. I want it open. Let me know about it as soon as possible. This deal is too good an offer to resist.


By wlm96 - July 21,2012

When I tried it on, the feeling was great! Nice tight fit like a second skin. Can see very well, zipper worked good, speedy delivery, I am pleased.


By Ruth - July 27,2011

Their delievery speed is really worth of exclaiming. And the quality is fairly good. Support!

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