Blue Spandex Zentai Suits For Halloween Halloween

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By Ginny - August 15,2011

This suit is awesome! I didn\'t really think it would come out so perfectly. The material is pretty decent. It is elastic, fits to the body really good and it is very comfortable to wear. It is quite breathable too. The color is also quite good. It is deep blue and has got this nice sheen to it. The zipper on the back works really well. Overall, it seems strong and durable. I\'ve only worn it like twice or something. But its a real kill for this price I tell you. Just 30 bugs! I was quite happy with the purchase. I look forward to buying more from here.


By Chelsey - September 21,2011

How much will it cost for standard shipping to Toledo, Oh?


By Rose - April 12,2010

it reached in time as it did what it sqaid it was going to do the person i buy it for thinks it was great.

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