White Cotton Lolita Blouse Short Sleeves Sailor Style Lace Trim Bow

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By Kyronin - July 30,2014

I received it fairly fast, was kind of scared because of all the things said about Milanoo, but I have ordered once before and it went fine and I have again with this blouse and it went great, The fit was a little off but that is all on me for not considering my proportions but it still looked good and fit fine. I didn't wear the bow with it because it was hard tying it and I thought it looked good without it anyways. [as you can tell its a bit of a stretch for my style, I'm very diverse with my fashion sometimes] It is pretty comfortable, can get a little hot sometimes, and as far as I can tell the white is not that hard to maintain, which is good for someone who wears mostly black clothing haha.


By Daversa - August 21,2012

It's completely cotton and very comfortable to wear.Good style.


By Kira - May 27,2013

This blouse is very nice, and looks beautiful on! It is one of my favourites to wear with a lolita skirt, under a dress, or just with jeans! The bow is a little longer than shown, and can be a pain to tie, but maybe that's because I'm a perfectionist! A small detail to note is that if you look very closely at the picture of the back, you can notice little loops where it can be threaded for a corset-backing. It comes with a white ribbon for just that, and makes the blouse fit all around nicer! Even if you think the waist is going to be a little big for you, when you order the size, this makes it perfect. A gorgeous blouse I get compliments on all the time.

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