White Cotton Lolita Blouse Long Sleeves Stand Collar Lace Trim Ruffles Bow

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By chimamire - April 16,2012

i bought this blouse and im shocked coz the collar doesnt stand at all. the lace on the collar is too big and soft. i took the picture, please take a look! http://www.flickr.com/photos/chimamire13/6939849700/in/photostream


By QueenAnimeX3 - July 20,2013

I have this blouse and i think it is beautiful. it fits really nicely (despite my large bust sixe :/) i wear it with my other outfits all the time. the bow is detachable,(i like to attach it to my skirt to bring the outfit together) and the frills are so cute :D i recommend this one to us girls with annoyingly too-big-for-the-size busts because it fits well all aound :D


By watihefrina - December 25,2012

love it so much

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