Vocaloid Snow Miku Halloween Cosplay Costume 65 Percent Cotton 35 Percent Terylene Halloween

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By sofia - March 11,2012

does this cosplay costume come with the sleeves? xD


By lola - March 11,2012

hello, i would like to know if the cosplay costume comes with everything in the photo not including the wig, secondly will the sale for $67.99 only last for today because i am planning on ordering this pretty costume in about two days, but i can only order it for this price or around 70 dollars. thanks i love the outfit by the way


By Kat - September 9,2011

This Cosplay costume is one of my new favorite outfits. It is very cute, comfortable, and so many other things. The dress is easy to wear and can be quickly put on and off. The dress is so very amazing. I love wearing this costume very much and I am happy that I have purchased this at an affordable price. It’s very comfortable and looks awesome on me. Could not have asked for more. Good quality at a reasonable price.

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