VOCALOID Nylon Cosplay Wig

Item Code: #03010042661


By kdw_94 - May 22,2012

Honestly, I have to say I'm very impressed with this wig! It's so lovely. I was expecting something with a poorer quality because of the price, but in all honesty, it's a wonderful wig!! I managed to fool my brother and his friend in to thinking I had blue hair; it was hilarious. Anyways, lovely! Just lovely!!!


By Saliya - August 10,2011

I really like this wig. I originally bought it just to wear to parties, but I like the color so much that I sometimes just wear it when I\'m out and about. I\'ve gotten some strange looks because the color is so bright, and while the hair of the wig itself is rather stringy, it\'s still manageable. I would have preferred something less wiry, but for the price, you can\'t really complain. Overall this was a good buy, and I\'d recommend it for someone who wants their hair to pop!


By Anna - June 17,2011

This wig is simply GREAT for a night out in the town! It\'s perfect for clubbing and makes me really stand out from the crowd wherever I go. The colour is such that it\'s obvious that it\'s a wig, but I could carry it off and received so many compliments! The length of the tresses is also just about perfect, falling a few inches below the shoulder. It\'s very comfortable and doesn\'t cause any itching whatsoever. Definitely recommended for the more audacious of you :)

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