Vampire Knight Kurosu Yuki Kuran Yuki Halloween Cosplay Wig Halloween

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By robbert - August 18,2012

This brown wig has helped me earn huge brownie points with y wife. There’s a bit of a story attached to this wig. Thing was thta she had gotten a yuki costume like the one pictured here from milanoo and it was not with a wig included and she pain no attention to it, but somehow she was not happy with the costume she had, it was nicely made and everything but the whole outfit had something missing in it. So i was here one day just browsing and my eye fell on this wig and i realised what she was missing from her costume. i immediately got her this wig and when she wore it a small smile crept up on her face and she burst out laughing. Thanks.


By FD - August 2,2011

love the cosplay wig, it\'s incredible!It is extremely well made, I am very impressed


By Nancy - July 26,2011

I put on this wig both at and after cosplay show!Moreover,Customer service is Significantly helpful and Fast!Thank you so much for all your hard work making it.

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