Vampire Knight Kiryu Zero Halloween Cosplay Costume

Item Code: #03010042447


By melanie.cuellar - July 1,2011

how long do i have to wait for my zero wig?


By melanie.cuellar - July 8,2011

How long now!? im sorry it\'s just that i need this wig for San Japan this yr on aug 5-7!


By Charles - October 14,2011

Wow! I really like this wig especially the design it is wonderful. I am a new shopper here and i would like to know a few things before i order the costume. Is it possible to get another material apart from this one here? How long is it going to take for the wig to reach to my country i am in Morocco? If a get a different color and another material is the cost going to change? Reply back so that i order for the costume i really like it.

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