Union Jack Canvas Womens Painted Shoes

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By Fantasia90 - September 16,2011

These slip-ons are the meaning of the word comfortable. I bought them for work, but now I realize I can take them almost everywhere. I’m in them at my job, out with my friends. I even walk the dog in them. They’re resistant, flexible, and the sole is great! I have nothing to complain about these wonderful shoes. The print is original, the flag’s colors look very intense and they look the same after a couple of washes.


By jenny1983 - August 23,2011

Great,Super cutte with every day wear, very comfortable and versatile


By jack - October 11,2011

As an errand boy, comfort is definitely on top of my list when it comes to shoe shopping. I see to it I have the most comfortable shoes when I am on a job. Of course, Fashion statement is also a big priority. When I saw this pair of comfortable looking canvas slip-ons, I definitely considered buying them right then and there. I certainly like the design of the shoe just because I love this flag. I love how vibrant the colors on these shoes are. The best part is, the vibrancy of the colors has remained even after a few washes. I would definitely recommend this product.

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