Uniform Cloth Fruits Basket Tohru Honda Girls Cosplay Costume

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By Cecilia - October 24,2011

This dress looks lovely and unique. The mixture of colors makes the costume presentable and awesome. The downfall of the costume is the skirt it is too short. I wanted to know if it is possible for you to make a long skirt in the same design. I do not mind if the price is going to increase. The tie, T-shirt and Jacket i have no complains about them they are fine. The price is irresistible from today hence forth i am going to be doing my shopping here.


By Cara - July 13,2011

After reading all of the reviews for Fruits Basket gear for the kids, I was expecting a shabby piece of cloth with spray paint on it. I was worried about sizing, since some people say they run large, and some small. This size large fits my 11-year-old daughter just PERFECTLY, she is about 60\" tall and regular build, couldn\'t have asked for a better mail-order fit. She says she will wear it for a bathrobe after Halloween!


By tuhincps - August 13,2011

Good pricing and also good discount offer, great quality of all products, innovative design and great accessories.I am buying this dress for my daughter to give a surprising gift. This dress is looking so lovely because of its color.Blue And White combination is very good combination and everyone always looking this type of lovely combination.But white & black combination is great. Now i order this please deliver it to fast i am waiting for this.I think that it is really very memorable moment when i will giving this dress. This is very supportive for me. Here I purchase all products from one place.

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