Tsubasa Tomoyo Daidouji Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By Jane - July 17,2012

Tomoyo is such an inspiration to me! She makes the cutest little outfits for Sakura to wear on her adventures but her own clothes top them all. This happens to be Tomoyo’s. My friend and I are huge fans of her and we both wanted to get this costume. We chose to buy 2 of these costumes and we got an excellent reduction on them. It looks exactly like what Tomotu wears in the cartoon. The purple of the dress looks awesome especially when teamed with the black Tomoyo wig. The advantage of this dress over other cosplay costumes is that it fits any size. You have provisions for adjustments inside the cape which makes it easy for anybody to wear it no matter the size, including the height. All we need now is matching Tomoyo shoes.


By sharon - August 18,2012

I am a first time buyer from milanoo. I have been hearing stories of my friends shopping from here for a long time and i thought i would also give the website a try. So this costume was sort of a trial try. I got this costume for my daughter for her school costume competition and the delivery time on this costume was really fast. The package arrived safely and the costume inside looks really nice and soft. My girl said she was really comfortable and she had a great time in it. So i am going to keep milanoo in mind in future when i need to shop online.


By Ci - July 25,2012

I need a costume to my friend's party, the theme is A Diversity World. Then I came to this costume. It just likes a Korean hanbok. And I like the color. So, I bought it. It is a fabulous costume. A lot of friends of the party gave me compliments. I was very happy. Thanks, Milaoo.

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