Tsubasa Syaoran Li Brown Cosplay Wig Halloween

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By Keely - July 17,2012

This Tsubasa wig is so cool. Not only is it a Tsubasa wig, I can use it for a whole bunch of other costumes as well. This hair is quite similar to a lot of other wigs that other anime characters wear. So for $40 I get to mix and match this wig with other cosplay costumes that I own. The hair on this wig is shiny and straight but tends to get frizzy if it’s humid out. When that happens, do not put hair spray on it and neither should you wash it because, I’ve bought wigs like this before from Milanoo and washed them and the hair just falls out in clumps. But you can put hair gel on the wig and style it any way you want. It’s also a luscious brown.

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