The Qwaser of Stigmata Sasha Nylon Cosplay Wig

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By katy - August 7,2011

Hi, I\'m Katy and I\'m 14. I\'d really like to cut my hair this short but my mom thinks I should keep it the way it is. I have black hair and I\'ve been dreaming about coloring it to something that would bug her. :P Its going to be while before I can get around to doing that. In the meant time, I can buy this online! I have some money saved up and I\'d love to but this. White hair is beautiful and the way it covers one eye is really cool. I really hope my mom will let me get this because I kind of have my hopes up. You have some things that teenagers like me would love to have. You guys should really advertise more. Cheers! :)


By nakomiah - January 21,2012

Perfect for dark toned characters. well my skin is brown so I think its perfect.


By Jess - June 4,2014

This is a really fun wig to wear and use. I just got it recently, but I already love it. The picture shown is as the wig styled, it comes unstyled but nicely packaged. I recommmend this for cosplayers like myself!

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