The Prince Of Tennis Polyester Winter Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By Kevin Ngo - May 12,2012

I'm about to get my rikkai jacket on monday! I cant wait for it! I'm planning to buy Rikkai's polo soon! So far I've ordered, Seigaku's jakcet and polo, Fudomine's jacket and polo, and Hyotei's Jacket. Sugeestions: Please bring back Hyotei's polo, I could have sworn Milanoo had it here a few months ago... U-17 uniforms please! I'm checking milanoo 24/7 to see if milanoo had made the u-17 uniforms from the New Prince of Tennis.


By Kevin Ngo - May 20,2012

I got my Rikkai jacket last week, and I'm satifised. But one problem, the logo on the back began to fall of the jacket in 1 week. I would suggest that the logo would be sewed insted of being ironing on there, (same goes to the polo)

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