Sweet White Ravel Round Toe PU Leather Sky High(> 4") Lolita Shoes

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By Rose - August 31,2011

White has always been my color of choice for not only footwear but also even clothes and the rest of the likes. Good white color which does not have the shades of any other color in it is really hard to come by and such whites really do inspire me a lot. These shoes are a perfect example of the color which I am talking about and I have just picked these up from the website only today. They are really lovely to wear and are very comfortable, far exceeding anything that you would ever expect from something that costs as little as 65 American Dollars. The shipment and the delivery were also all very professional and it was a very nice experience dealing with the website.


By raluka - April 25,2012

hola,cuntos cm mide el tacon?espero su respuesta urgente.gracias.

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