Sweet Brown Long Curly Lolita Faux Wig Halloween

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By JulieMcQueen - July 12,2015

Oh, this wig, I definitely love! Insanely beautiful long hair that I always dreamed yourself to grow .. but unfortunately did not. But now I can odevta this wig to make beautiful hair and make beautiful and magical images :). The wigs are made qualitatively!


By AgentShawnee - January 2,2015

This wig is super lovely and super long. The bangs are side bangs when you get it so if you want straight across bangs you will have to trim them. This is also the perfect wig to cosplay as Cerci Lannister from Game of Thrones!


By Delilah - January 24,2013

Really good wig. I do not have naturally straight hair so something with a little imperfection like this is great. I get A LOT of compliments on it and people can not tell its fake. I definitely recommend this wig. It may need cutting on the bangs depending on your head and face shape though so beware!

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