Sweet Black White Lolita Skirt with Ruffles and Lace Trim

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By MissCockatoo - April 16,2013

I bought this outfit about two months ago and even if I had to wait some time it was worth it. Since I've read some dubious stories about online shops I was worried, but it was really much better than expected. The fabric is not cheap, maybe not the most expensive and luxurious but nice fitting and, well, just normal. The lace was also better than expected, because it is not this boring super-cheap lace, but knitted. I first was surprised, that the shade of white of the laces was a little different than the white of the fabric, it is a very tiny difference but you can see it. But it stil looks good and I can live with it. The blouse as well as the skirt ist really comfortable and the skirt is even very warm, because it is thick and has many layers. The ribbon seen on the blouse is seperate and able to be removed or put back on. Summing up: really nice and really betterthan expected. I also bought another outfit which is of good quality too. I recommend this speific outfit. Four stars, because the shipping took long. The outfit itself would get 5 stars.


By Jamilia - December 29,2011

The combination of black and white is something that is very good looking and there really is no bad time to be sporting something like that. I picked this one up from the website about a month ago and have worn this quite often since then. Considering the fact that I usually don’t wear a single piece of clothing more than once, it goes to show that I really love this one so much. The fabric and the quality are really good and the way it fits me is just about perfect. It is perfect in all the ways imaginable.


By sarah - August 24,2012

There was no way i was going to let this costume slip away! I am always looking for exciting stuff for my parties which are a regular occurrence in my college and i guess it’s just an occasion for all of us to unwind and come out looking our bests.. Well, so where do I go? One and only milanoo always. I mean the kind of stuff it has is amazing. From costumes to dresses and lingerie and from shoes to everything at all! It has been an amazing time shopping from here and my mom loves it too. This classic black and white maid costume is a real sweetheart, so cute and tempting too. I like it a lot and am wearing to an afternoon tea party! Thanks Milanoo.

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