Superhero Bodysuit For Halloween Halloween

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By b.t. - June 20,2011

jamaica, we have a bobsled team!! whoever in the marketing/writing descriptions department that thought this was an \'american superhero\' costume has an interesting definition of superhero... this is the bobsled team\'s uniform in Cool Runnings.


By David - July 29,2011

The lycra American super hero costume is so amazing.The material is so soft that i also feel comfortable though i am a litte fatter.Thanks for your high quality but low price product.


By lexxflex - July 16,2011

This is indeed the jamaician bobsled team uniform from cool runnings.I love cool runnings!\"Kiss my Lucky egg\"\"I am not smoking,I breathing\":D >>> The Flag Colors:Gold recalls the shining sun, black reflects hardships, and green represents the land. However, that was changed to the colour black representing the strength and creativity of the people which has allowed them to overcome the odds, yellow for the golden sunshine and green for the lush vegetation of the island.Did you know jamaica has a bobsled team?

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