Stylish Naruto Anbu Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By Gina - July 23,2012

This Anruto Anbu costume is beautiful and looks exactly like the real thing. I would know because I’ve seen the cartoon atleast 6 times and I know what exactly what all the characters wear so I can tell that this costume is one of a kind. It’s nothing but a long coat with slits up the sides. It’s white in color and has black collars. The sleeves are also quite long and almost come down till my wrists. The coat also has hood so that’s cool isn’t it. You wear the coat by buttoning it up. The coat also comes in grey, which is what I got, not the black. It looks pretty good. For such a good Nartuo costume, for something that could’ve cost me 3 times as much in a proper store, I got it at an attractive price.


By l-asico - May 22,2012

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