Striped Sleeveless Dress

Item Code: #09200148226
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Bust: 100 cm (39.4in)
Length: 83 cm (32.7in)


By Catherine - March 2,2012

The black and white horizontal stripes are really good colors for the summer and that was the season for which I picked this one up anyway. The style as I already mentioned comprises of the color and the design and the design is just perfect for the summer so this really is the ideal summer dress that one would pick up and with summer right around the corner I really think that this is a definite must for any girls’ wardrobe. The cost of it is also not that much that you need to think over the purchase of this.


By Niobe - July 21,2012

I love black and white dresses. The monochromatic design can work wonders for any dress if treated with caution. Here, the black and white stripes make this dress an absolute winner for the summers. They impart a refreshing feel to the dress and give it a casual, yet attractive touch in design. The fit is quite comfortable and the fabric is soft to feel, which makes it the ideal casual wear dress for the summers. It is an attractive dress and for this price, I have to say it is literally a steal. To get such a wonderful and good quality dress for a price as low as this is quite unbelievable I have to say.


By lovinrosebuds - March 18,2014

Received this dress today. It's cute, and certainly a good deal for $10, but it doesn't look like the picture. It has 5 buttons that come down from the top of the collar. It is also really big, bigger than I thought it was going to be. It is very cute though and I will definitely being wearing it a lot

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