Striped Mens Shirt

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By Josh - July 28,2011

The shirt is very nicely colored and is very good for casual wear. It also fits me very well and I think anyone with a well structured body can just go ahead and purchase this shirt. However I am not too sure if this will be very well suited for someone with a skinny frame. The color of the shirt makes it very versatile and you can wear it with both dark colored pants as well as light colored pants. If you manage to roll up your sleeves a little you can even wear this shirt with shorts and it would look just perfect. The stipe pattern on this shirt is also really cool though it is neither horizontal nor vertical. In my opinion, the appeal of it lies there.


By christian - September 28,2011

A bright colour and a neat pattern makes this shirt a perfect choice for tour casual wardrobe. The shirt is a perfect fit for guys with great build. The shirt has a medium cut and goes really well with dark coloured pants. Washing has never been a problem with this shirt, regular machine washing and the occasional dry wash for tough stains makes it very durable and easy to maintain. The stripe pattern is not your regular one which makes it a rear find. A tuck in makes it a good formal wear as well. Thanks to milanoo for such a great shirt.


By Vince - October 9,2011

For 10 dollars I never thought I would get this shirt. It makes me feel great that I am saving a ton of money and yet looking the best that I possibly can! The striped pattern is casual as the name says and I feel that it is something that everyone likes! The fabric is amazing for what it costs. Granted, it is not like Egyptian cotton or something, but it feels amazing and while I normally wear a sweatshirt, I decided that I like this shirt and will go without anything on the inside.

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