Spiderman Zentai Suit Shiny Metallic Unisex Halloween Costume Cosplay Halloween

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By raven - May 17,2011

i have just bought this wonderful thing for my son and guess what he has said \"dad i love this gift\" then he put it on and said \"cool i feel like the black suited spiderman\"


By Scrappy - July 24,2012

This costume is totally ultra cool. I love it to bits. The idea to dress up in a costume came to me from a friend who dresses up in costumes related to movie characters and wears them to watch movies where the character i playing a role. So when i heard about the latest spiderman movie coming out i also decided to give it a go and got myself this venom costume and wore it to the movie premiere at my local Cineplex. Wearing it was a bit odd at first but i got used to it because it feels like you are wearing almost nothing. It looked really good on my physique and i got quite a lot of head turns too. Haha!

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