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By BalbinMike Jr - May 1,2013

Item is fantastic and was produced earlier than expected! Took 13 days to process and 12 days to get here to Australia, very good service for an international source when the item was out of stock. The jacket does not actually have a middle zip or opening section, the top is more like a jumper you put over your head. The buttons are not functional, they're just there for aesthetic purpose. Personally I used my own headband and pants, but if you're one of those people looking for just the jacket, then the price is still very reasonable for a high-quality product. I will definitely be returning to Milanoo.com to expand on my cosplay needs. Thank you for your awesome service!


By coolscythe - February 3,2014

I posted my review before, as I said I bought this costume for the jacket. Which is wonderful, fits great, and awesome material. But I am here to now post my cosplay as a means of a physical reference of the jacket. The wig is from another website though, and my teeth are home made.


By Lilotaku927 - March 10,2014

I bought this for the jacket.The shipping was fast. The buttons ( which are just there for decoration) weren't sewed on well and I have to go back and fix them. The patches on the head piece were also falling off, but it's an easy fix. overall I really like it. It's not very thick, but it's extremely warm, I would recommend wearing it to a summer con. Also check the size before you buy, I had to buy a means XL . I don't have my wig( I used my prussia wig in the picture, the wig I bought is for fem soul), teeth ( which I'm making), or my contacts yet, but here's what it looks like.

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