Sexy Purple Nylon Womens Bikini Swimsuit

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By Allan - October 2,2011

The blue color goes perfectly well with my girlfriend’s eyes and I think that is also one of her favorite colors. The colors also go pretty well with the ocean which we live right next to and it was thanks to this particular purchase from this website that she has renewed her faith in my ability to shop. The fact that I actually put so much thought into a purchase and at the end of it, managed to pick up something that actually manages to look good on her and the best thing amongst all of them is that I spent very little on the purchase. Well, her happiness invariably translates to my happiness and that is the very reason why I even purchased this in the first place!


By ArizonaGirl - January 2,2013

I just received this suit and I love it. Never ordered online before, surprised how fast it arrived. The suit fits perfect, the fabric is really nice and the decorate thingee's make the suit look expensive, could easily sell for over hundred bucks in shop. Very happy..

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