Sexy Black White Nylon Womens Bikini Swimsuit

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By alessia trans bergamo - October 28,2013



By Lily - July 28,2011

The swimsuit arrived yesterday and my daughter is absolutely thrilled with how it looks.Cute but sexy!She couldn\'t wait to put it on and show it to her friends.


By Pankaj - April 20,2012

Review by Justin for Rating: I was apprehensive about biynug the white pair at first, but then I decided that the trunks did not look see-through on the model. When I tried them on dry, they were see-through. The second I got water on them, you could see a very definite outline in the front and every thing in the back. If you want to have a sexy suit for the privacy of your home, go with the white one. If you want to be able to go out in public, stay far, far away from it.

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