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By Janina B. - July 22,2011

it\'s very nice, I love it. Nice fabric too. Just the blouse is despite of custom size a bit loose and it seems as it\'s not the same as in the picture, but that\'s okay. The whole uniform is very pretty and good handled.


By Michelle - July 24,2012

Well, I had to become a school girl for a charity play last week and after much contemplation and research i had decided to go with Milanoo. A friend suggested it and she told me that i could not imagine what all Milanoo has and i was surprised to find her statement true when i looked through this website. I mean seriously? it is insane how much stuff Milanoo has and i found this really cute school girl dress almost in an instant and i was so excited to have found it so quickly. the quality was great and specially because usually costumes and all do not have a good quality as they are worn for a day or two but this is a complete package at Milanoo with great price and quality both!


By Rita - September 23,2011

One of the first things that a girl would notice when she puts on this dress is the fact that the shirt on the top is not something which is rather covering and it is in fact something that is really revealing. The cloth is also rather flimsy and thin and could be interpreted as rather revealing if it is not worn properly. However if you going for a little slutty look I think that this dress is perfect if you have the right body to carry something off like this. The cloth however is really good and there are little to no complaints about the quality of the services from the website or the quality of the products which I have purchased from here.

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