Sailor Moon Sailor Uranus Cosplay Boots Tenou Haruka Halloween

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By Faith - October 20,2011

I placed an order for this shoes and i was not happy with a few things. First the shoes were delivered to my country very late what might caused this? Secondly the material the shoes have been made is low quality and it did not impress me at all.. Milanoo can you change all this. The color of the boots is marvelous i like it. This is what made me to order for these shoes.


By Linnet - October 20,2011

There is no other place that i purchase Cosplay accessories apart from milanoo. I am a regular shopper here and a few weeks ago i bought different types of products like masks, weapons and boots. I must say that they are up to standard and good quality i like them a lot. These shoes are wonderful comfortable and very soft. The color of the shoes is just amazing i adore them very much.

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