Rurouni Kenshin Himura Kenshin Uniform Cloth Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By Celia - July 17,2012

Samurai X is one of all time favorite anime characters. The series also happens to be a short one compared to tones of others. There are certain special characteristics to Kenji like his curved edge sword and his X shaped scar on his cheek. Another minor detail would be his red and white samurai clothes. It looks quite comfortable and anime was beautiful. And since I’m such a big Kenji fan, I wanted to get this costume. I also got it at an excellent price. The fabric is thick and soft but putting it on can be a bother. It would’ve been better if it came with Kenji’s sword and a sheath. I can’t seem to find a curved sword anywhere. You know what, they should add slippers to this costume as well.


By Soo - July 24,2012

What an amazing costume. It is made from cloth. SO soft and comfortable. The style is the real Japanese style. Casual, big and light. Like it. If it has the shoes, that would be perfect.


By drax - June 12,2015

perfect size. and great quality as well.

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