Rhinestone Wedding Bridal Jewelry Set

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By Darla - August 21,2012

I went through almost all of the pages on this section and I finally decided on this. I think its elegant and the design is lovely. The earrings, I don’t like as much. The necklace is overpowers the earrings because the earrings are quite dull and unattractive. I simply got another pair and I got them from MIlanoo as well and I love them. I don’t know why the Milanoo guys just didn’t pair it up with the ones I bought anyway due to which I had to spend extra on a pair of earrings. Now the ones that came with the necklace as useless. But not totally. I wear the earrings on occasions that don’t need for so much formality. I would’ve loved to buy the same necklace in platinum or something but this is fine too.

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