Rhinestone Pearl Wedding Bridal Headband

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By Fran - August 21,2012

The pearls on this headband are beautiful. It did look a little odd when I wore the headband and there’s this thing with pearls sticking out of it. I swear, I look like Jesus with the crown made of thorns. It was a perfect fit. Milanoo actually has sizes for headbands and I picked M. Isn’t that cool? Milanoo actually has sizes for headbands. Imagine what else they must have for customers! I skimmed through their wedding accessories collection and the section is simply loaded with things for me to choose from. If I had known that, then I would’ve looked for a wedding dress on Milanoo as well, which is actually a bigger section than the wedding accessories which is saying something. And the prizes are very attractive so it doesn’t hurt to look at all.

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