Red Short Sleeves Sailor School Uniform Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By luny - July 23,2011

the quality of the costume is really great.I woule like to say,I\'m coming,the cosplay show party.


By Cory - September 15,2011

I have always had a sailor fetish. I think one of the primary reasons for the development of this fetish in the first place was the cartoon Tintin. Something about the dress of Tintin and the Captain always made me want to own one of those for myself. It was entirely accidental that I chanced upon this website and in turn the little sailor dresses which are available here on the website. I think it is a very good thing that this has happened to me and it brought back with it a whole flood of memories which have been long forgotten in the past over the years. I instantly placed the order for this on impulse and the cost of it makes sure than you can act on such impulses.


By sti - May 14,2014

My girlfriend loved this cos that she's been wanting forever. It was a birthday gift and she screamed when she opened the package. The costume came soon and they are made very well. I recommend this seller.

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