Red Power Ranger Zentai Suit Halloween Lycra Spandex Super Hero Costume Halloween

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By Name - August 17,2011

It\'s good


By Danielle - May 30,2012

My boyfriend bought this suit just recently for an anime convention coming up. We were surprised when we received it, as it was in amazing condition! The gloves and boot covers are separate, and not attached, which we didn't know. :) The top red part wasn't connected to the white at the seam, which was also a very nice surprise and makes it look more authentic. I've heard a lot of negativity about the zentai suits on this website, and was a bit hesitant to buy this. But it turned out great! The only problems I had with it, was that the white was somewhat see-through. Which isn't that big of a deal after purchasing a pair of tights to wear beneath it. That, and the gold design on the chest is a teensy bit inaccurate. There's a middle line cutting through the little circle. But it's not a problem at all, really. We can work with this! I also don't really like the boot covers, or the mask. We didn't plan on using the mask anyway (buying a helmet). But overall, we're very pleased with our purchase!


By tcom1234 - August 18,2011

Sehr geiler Anzug, kam enorm gut auf dem Festival an! Wichtig ist, dass dies einzelne Teile (Strümpfe, Handschuhe und Helm/Kopf) sind. Das steht zwar auch in der Beschreibung, aber bei der Übersetzung ;) Ansonsten kann ich die teile nur weiterempfehlen!!!

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