Pretty White Chiffon Strapless Floor Length Maternity Bridesmaid Dress

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By Megan - January 16,2012

This is such a sweet dress. The colors are pleasant and its exactly what one would want in a dress. I intend to wear this for my graduation and I think I’m going to look awesome in it. I got sometime last week and it fit me perfectly. The bow around the waist is a defining feature of the dress and I love it. The dress is also strapless and its a floor length dress. Heels go well with it. An ideal hairstyle would be simply tying your hair back in a bun. I also got it at a fair price.


By lindsey - May 18,2012

My husband and I have been experiencing rough times, so I want to change that and this outfit is a good try. It’s very sexy and elegant and that’s what I want to my husband to see and I hope it will help with our relationship. I have good legs though this outfit has bad colour which I am not a fan of though it is too sexy to pass up. I am in the process of purchasing it now and waiting to wear it soon. This outfit is lovely and has very appealing colour though the design is lacking and not suitable for many women. My husband is a good man and he deserves the best from me therefore it is a great idea for me to get this outfit.

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