Pink Plastic Cosplay Wig Support Halloween

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By Tessa Anne Thomas - April 14,2017

These are super easy to put to get and hold some of my heaviest wigs. I will definitely buy more.


By GrahamKimberlie - August 29,2012

i love this wig support. I got one to try it out since I own 6 wigs and needed a way to store them. I especcially like how they also break down easy to travel for when I go to anime conventions to bring my wigs for cosplays so they are not sitting in bags all weekend. They don't take up a lot of space and and so light that they can be easily moved, even with a wig on them. Very nice and a good buy.


By tournellecregis - April 1,2013

ces support sont pratiques bien mieux que les têtes en polystirène car ils laissent la perruque respirer

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