Night Wizard!—Anzelotte Nylon Cosplay Wig Halloween

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By Joichi - July 21,2011

Bought this wig for a different character, and it arrived in good condition and just like the photo shown, just abit more of a gray-light purple.


By Nina - August 8,2011

This wig right here, yeah this one, the Purple 80cm Night Wizard!—Anzelotte Nylon Cosplay Wig, tickled my nose quite a bit. I like the face that its long and the color is nice and all but really. Straight at my nose? You should rethink some of your designs, they can be quite inconvenient. Apart from that little detail, it is a good wig. I feel I bought it at the right price and it doesn\'t feel heavy or uncomfortable. It fits just right on my scalp and is not itchy and weird nor does the nylon feel too hot under the sun. But I must warn potential buyers not to leave it too much in the sun. The nylon will melt and/or start to smell weird. Keep it up Milanoo.

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