Nice White Single Breasted Button Worsted Groom Wedding Tuxedo

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By Rio - October 29,2011

The stark difference in color between the tux and the shirt made this quite attractive and I bought it right away. Now I wear it to parties and the like all the time and most people like it. The few that don\'t are probably just jealous! The fabric of it is decent too and I think there is nothing wrong with it. The trousers are well fitting with a good fall from the knees and at the ankles, they are the right thickness without too many frills. Definitely one of the best outfits I have right now.


By Peter - November 5,2011

The start contrast in the various colors of the dress made it look really good. The colors are really catchy and yet at the same time they are not too gaudy that they would look very unpleasant to the eye. Now that is something that I really love about the dress and that is why I picked this one up from the website immediately. I also looked around on the website for a bit and I managed to get the perfect bride’s dress for my fiancé too from the website itself and it does look like the one in image.


By marlie - May 21,2012

I will like to know the color the vest and neck tie come in. I will like it in fuschia. Is that possible?

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