Nice White Lapel Single Breasted Button Worsted Groom Wedding Tuxedo

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By Chris - September 5,2011

This is the suit I bought for my sister\'s wedding. I needed something white and simple and I found this satin white suit. It looks great in reality and you can easily impress with it. The material, satin it very good and I\'m sure it last long. The shipping from this website was also good and fast and there were no damages with my box. Also the price is very nice.


By shyne - May 25,2012

i would like to buy this,but wanted it exactly how it looks like in the picture and if i could get it one whole package.


By Gregory - May 26,2012

If I was getting my brother a gift, I thought I might as well get him a tuxedo since he would be needing one in the future. I bought this one off milanoo simply because it was white, looked great and had amazing discounts on it. I made the delivery straight to his place and when I got the call from him to tell me that he had received it, I was thoroughly pleased! He told me that the fit was good and that he would wear it to one of his galas next week or so. Then I went around the site, just browsing and thought that I could do with some of the clothes myself and ordered a few shirts and a pair of jeans. Waiting for them!

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