Naruto Uchiha Sasuke Cosplay Wig

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By Lisa - March 3,2012

Okay, so my cat has a bit of a problem. My darling kitty, Snow, only uses the bathroom (that's pretty much the only eloquent way I can put it) on soft materials. He will NOT use litterboxes. One day I got really fed up and I complained to my friend. After a while, my friend replied: "I have the perfect thing for you." Bless her, she sent me this. It's brilliant. It's soft (kind of) and it's very durable. So now my kitten has a lovely litterbox stand-in, and I don't have kitten poop around my house. Excellent product, Milanoo. I've checked the other comments, and some of them have found your product to deviate from its original purpose- that is, one of a wig. I am delighted your products are so versatile. I will definitely buy from you guys again.


By Sakura Chan - February 18,2012

This Wig Make Me Gag o.o


By Nepeta - March 7,2012

:33 < karkitty i had no idea that you did domestic chores like cleaning your hives floors!

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