Naruto Tenten 1th Cosplay Costume

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By Fatima - July 23,2012

This costume is just so pretty. I love wearing this. I thought it was just a costume but now that I have it and have worn it a bunch of times but the top is comfortable enough to wear everyday, which I do. And I love it! It’s the nicest color – pink – and it looks good with everything, jeans, skirts and shorts. The shirt is soft and light – no wonder I can wear it all the time. The shirt has very short sleeves with red at the end. Then there are the pants, they’re made of cotton so I get to wear them around all the time as well. So its not like I bought a costume based on a cartoon character at all, its like wearing normal everyday clothes. You guys also got my measurement perfectly. Good job!


By hejing - August 26,2012

It comes in a reasonable price and I bought it immediately. You did make this suit completely true to the figure. Great!


By tori - September 15,2012

how do you get in to this top dose it opean from the front or do you slide it over your head

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