Naruto Polyester Cosplay Cloak Halloween

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By Temari - April 30,2011

Der Stoff, aus welchem der Mantel gefertigt ist, ist nicht, wie es auf dem Foto aussieht nur aus dünnem scheiss-Stoff. Er ist aus sehr stabilem stoff, und alle Nähte sind ziemlich gut vernäht. Die Streifen treffen die Farbe aus dem Manga/Anime ziemlich gut. Der Reissverschluss ist aus Plastik und lässt sich sowohl von unten mit einem \"Schieber\" öffnen wie auch von unten mit einem zweiten.


By Joe - July 24,2012

I made a random search on Google for anime costumes and this website was on the top of that list. This place has everything – cosplay costumes, accessories, wigs, eyelashes, everything. It has everything I one can ask for and all of that in one place. I can get my kids all the cartoon inspired stuff that they want from here now and I don’t have to go looking for them anymore place to place. I can get stuff for my wife as well. She is going to love it. This place has a huge collection of shoes, accessories, bags, for both women and men. I could find so much of what I need for work here and I’m sure my wife is going to enjoy herself as well. I even saw many different kinds of Spiderman costumes.


By jacob - August 24,2012

The fact that this robe is a naruto inspired merchandise was just the deal sealer for me. In fact i was actually looking for just a robe to wear to a cos event and because i was really short on money i could not afford to go out and buy the materials and make it myself like the rest of my costume. that’s why i chose milanoo because making my own is just a hobby. When i want really high detailed stuff in costumes i go to milanoo and they deliver fantastically. They had this robe and it has a nice collar too. I am really happy it goes so well with my costume build.

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