Naruto Ninja Leaf Village Headband Blue Cosplay

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By army - May 25,2011

My son, who believes he is Naruto, absolutely loves this headband. The only drawback is that I had to work like the dickens to get the metal plate shaped to his forehead so it would fit properly. But now, it fits wonderfully and will last for at least as long as his Naruto obsession does.


By jerry - August 13,2011

I\'ve already collected the red Naruto head band from Milanoo and I\'m on a quest to own the entire set that is being sold on this website. I am looking forward to getting this head band next week. For all you future buyers, the piece of metal that is engraved on is just a simple metallic piece that can easily be bent so you might want to be careful. Other than that, the head band is of good quality. It is elastic and has lasted me quite a while. It is also washable and I can tell you from experience that the elastic can withstand the machine. Its also a good gift for Naruto fans. I have to come to realize that Naruto head bands are a real hit amongst Naruto enthusiasts. Happy shopping.


By Leahsaurr - June 26,2014

Really good quality & fun to wear. Comfortable too.

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